Sixth Reunion of the USS Plymouth Rock

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We assembled for our sixth ships reunion in Mystic CT.  The reunion coordinators for the 2006 ships reunion were Dennis (Shorty) Cyr and George Bierce.  In attendance were 41 shipmates and spouses/friends.

Group photo of shipmates at the 2006

The reunion began with our meeting at the Amerisuites Hotel on September 27.  Registration of early arrivals and visiting with old friends took place in our hospitality room.

On Thursday, we drove through the beautiful Connecticut countryside and toured the Stonington Vineyards.  We were able to sample many of their fine wines.  We then boarded the bus and returned to Mystic and visited Mystic Seaport and the Mystic Aquarium.

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Stonington Vineyard, waiting for the tour to begin A little wine tasting, some of us had more than others
Bob, Glenn and Jim at the entrance to Mystic Seaport The Shipworks Building at Mystic Seaport
Jim and Windy with friends at the Aquarium Feeding the beluga whales at Mystic Aquarium

Friday was a free day, and many returned to Mystic Seaport, others went to the casinos, and others were on individual tours in the surrounding area.

On Saturday after a bit of delay, we boarded the bus for the US Navy Marine Museum and the US Coast Guard Academy.

Conning tower of the USS Nautilus, the submarine we visited and in the foreground is the US Coast Guard Academy

Saturday concluded with our reunion banquet in the evening at the hotel.

The appetizer spread at our banquet Jim and Shorty in their traditional reunion picture

Bob and Jean Farneski, Dave Gibson, Thomas Kane and Vito Ramondetta enjoying happy hour.

Shorty paying off 50/50 winner Marguerite Elderidge

On Saturday,  we also held the business meeting, officers were nominated and elected.  Various reports were given and it was decided that the next reunion would be held in St. Louis, MO in  September or early October, 2008.  Rich Mathis wanted me to ask if there is something that you  would like to see or do in St. Louis, to be sure and let him or Dave know.  No firm date has been set for the reunion, will keep you informed when more information becomes available.

The LSD29
Reunion of the Plymouth Rock
by Marguerite G. Eldridge, 9/30/06


Two years have passed and the letter has come

We’re going to a place called, “The Mohegan Sun”

A short time later and after some thought

The location is changed to,” The Woods of the Fox”

The state is Connecticut and the year, “2006”

It’s the coastal region, location: Mystic.

Many folks have traveled far and some from near

Bringing back past memories that we all hold so dear

The hotel is “The Amerisuites”, where we all gather for treats,

Have breakfast and conversation with the new folk that we meet.

The casinos are always open, for those who wish to go-

To see if they will shout for joy, or finally say, “Whoa”

We board a bus for Stonington, to see how they make wine

The different ones are told about, the samples are tasted – some fine

The goblets are engraved with a crest and I’m told, that it is mine

From there we go to the seaport, checking out some museums

Some ships are tall with sails aloft; some old and some are new

The history abounds, is all around for anyone to view.

The next site is the aquarium to witness sea life all around

  They are plain striped, colorful and quite attractive where shells and coral abound

The dolphins do perform for us; they sometimes make their mark-

By sounding out a lot of noise that sounds just like a bark

They swish their tails and make a splash, then dive into the deep

To come up again, in towards the shore, looking for something to eat

The Submariner Force, Library and museum showed lots of styles to see

We went aboard the Nautilus tied up at the edge of a pier

It was small inside and one had to try to lift your legs and knees

To go from one space to another, in order for us to see

There were lots of sizes and replicas of submarines, old and new,

 Shipyards where they were built, along with missiles and torpedoes too

Also in New London is the Coast Guard Academy

Admission is based on nationwide competition with the most qualified selected

About 1500 apply each year with only 300 chosen

They all study math, science, nautical science, engineering and liberal arts,

This takes four years to complete.  Your degree is challenging, military and physical

The experiences are relentless but the rewards are invaluable; a blend of humanitarian

And civil law enforcement makes the Coast Guard quite unique.

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