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The following pictures were submitted by Paul Peraino, SN, Chicago, IL from a cruise to the Med from Feb. to Sept. 1956.  The HMS Eagle tied up next to the PRock in Naples.  Other pictures include:  Peraino 2Peraino 3; Peraino 4; Peraino 5; Peraino 6; Peraino 7; Peraino 9 ; Peraino 10 ; Peraino 11 ; Peraino 12

The following pictures were submitted by Arvell Cuffey, YN3, Lanham, MD.  Pictures  taken on Artic Cruise to Greenland in July 1957.  Shipmates working on Artic Cruise.  Carribean Cruise 1957:  Ben Logan, Arvell Cuffey, Ed Wiseman and Larry Mahoney.   J.D. Norris, Ed. Bixler and Larry Mahoney.  Arvell Cuffey receiving promotion to YN3 in 1958.  Presidential Cruise enroute to So America, crossing the Equator, Feb. 1960:  King Neptune and Queen of the Sea, dressed for the initiation crossing the equator.  Shipmate being executed during the initiation.  Shipmates lined up during the initiation.  Queen of the Sea!  Arvell Cuffey, YN3 on the "Rock" for his last time - 5/60

The following pictures were submitted by Leo Lavalee, SN, Greenville, NH.  Carlon Means, BMSN, Rhodes Greece, 1958.  Carlon Means, BMSN and Leo Lavalee at home

The following pictures were submitted by Ronald Miller, EN3, Havre, MT.  Unknown sailor coming down the jacobs ladder into a Mike boat.  Webb in the berthing compartment.  Beirut landing in 1958, off-loading vehicles.  LCVP's entering the well deck.  Wayne Halse, EN3 after cleaning a diesel fuel tank.  A Mike boat entering the well deck.  Picture of the ship taken from a LCVP.   Plymouth Rock entering Little Creek.  Great shot of the stern of the ship with a LCVP in the well deck.  Plymouth Rock pulling up to the Quay Wall on return from Med. cruise in 1958.  Shipmates:  l-r  Bill Beard (just in picture), Wayne Halse, Hardwick, Crouch, unknown.  Ron Miller, EN3 with sleeves rolled up and unknown.  Snipes on deck:  l-r  Foster (Skip) Drake, Bruce Stewart and "Pappy" Blanchard.  Going Ashore:  l-r  A. Heinsley, Hardwick, Unknown and W. Halse.  A reflection:  H. B. Owens.   Winchester sitting on his rack.  C. O. Owens being molested by Hardwick.  A shark caught in the Caribbean.

The following pictures were submitted by Bill Sims, DC3, Glendale, OH  Launching of a weather balloon from the flight deck on the Artic Cruise in 1957.  R Division officer C. F. Axtell, preparing to check the screws after we hit an iceberg on the Artic Cruise in 1957.  Mr. Brown and Mr. DeFranco fooling around in the metal shop.  Bill Sims in the Carpenter Shop.

The following picture was submitted by Bill Provencal, PN2, Pittsfield, NH  Tom Wagner, YN3, Bill Provencal, PN2 and Sandy Ruben, TN taken in the ships office

The following pictures were submitted by John McAvoy, BMSN, Thatcher, AZ.  Presidential Cruise, Montevideo, Uruguay-Ships Jack.  McGrew, Powell and O'Donnell.  Delaware Memorial Bridge, going up the Delaware River to Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard, 1959.  Main Deck, USS Plymouth Rock.

The following pictures/articles were submitted by Richard McCoy, RMSN, Hamilton, NJ.  Wave 2 in for final instructions, LT(jg) G. W. Dougherty, Boat Officer, RM3 J. E. Clemens, Boat Radioman.   McCoy, RMSN in front of the Acropolis in Athens Greece.   Smoooth Sailing.  Ballasted down bow to repair bent screw in MaltaCharles Costello, RM3, reenlisting.  Leonard Zwolinski, RM3.

The following picture was submitted by Tom Wagner, YN3, Cincinnati, OH.  Guantanamo Bay Cuba EM Club, 15 March, 1959.  Shakedown cruise after leaving Philadelphia Naval Ship Yards, l-r:   Clinton, McCoy, Reuben, Wagner, Medeiros, Hawley, Grasty, Root.

The following pictures were submitted by Bob (Dutch) Shober, BT3, Sinking Spring, PA.  Swim call off the sterngate, somewhere in the Caribbean, 1958.  Beer liberty on the island of Vieques.  Getting some sun, l-r ?, Matt Zonick, BT3, Joe Haws, BT3, Tony Grier, BT3.  Mine layer being given to the Turkish Navy being on-loaded in 1958.  USS Boxer in the Mediteranean off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon preparing to land US Marines.

The following pictures were submitted by John Chappell, RM3 Springfield, VA,  1959 Gitmo Liberty, ?, McCoy, ?, ?, ?, Chappel.  USS Plymouth Rock at Little Creek.  John Chappell and Bob Viaene.  John Chappell, refueling operation off Gibralter, 1958 Med. cruise.  Litterell, Bob Viaene, and Bratcher1959 Gitmo Liberety, Medeiros, Chappell, McCoy, ?, Hawley, Preston   Mullenoux, GM2 in 1960. USS Hermitage operating with the P Rock in 1960.  Mail chopper bringing mail, January 1960

The following pictures were submitted by Ron Jenkins Jr., of his father Ron Jenkins Sr. PN2(deceased)  John McAvoy from the deck force.  Ron Jenkins Sr. asleep at his typewriter.   Joe Pierce and Ron Jenkins  Ron Jenkins and Mathews in the Ships Office.  Ron Jenkins in the Ships Office.  Ron Jenkins and the "new guy".

The following picture was submitted by Bill Provencal, PN3, Pittsfield, NH.   Picture taken on LANTPHIB Exercises in the Carribean in early February 1958.  Bill Provencal with hat, unknown sailor leaning against gun tub. 

The following pictures were taken by John Muse, ET3, Johnson City, TN during the period 1957-59.  The Rock in drydock   in Malta to replace a bent prop.  Part of the sixth fleet off the coast of Lebanon.  Cargo stowed on the flight deck.   Bill Conboy with no shirt and Jack Stovall on the right.   Goofing off on the port wing wall.  The flight deck and the ships truck.  Liberty boat I believe in San Juan.  John Muse, Don Keesee and Jack Stovall in San Juan.  Jack Stovall and John Muse.  Swim call in the Mediterranean.  Part of the sixth fleet underway off the coast of Lebanon.

The following pictures were taken by John P. McAvoy, Thatcher, AZ.  Delaware Memorial Bridge as the ships is going to the Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard in 1959.  Main Deck.   Getting ready to refuel at seaHigh lining at sea.  Ships Jack, Presidential Cruise, Montevideo

The following is a picture of Ed Joyce, PFC, USMC, Manchester NH, taken in July 1958 possibly on a Caribbean Cruise. 

The following pictures were taken by Mike Swart, 823 San Miguel, Alamogordo, NM  (E-mail address is [email protected]).   Ed Hill with "Rocky".   Looking forward into the ships welldeck.  Mike Swart and Ed Hill in Gunfire Control Room"G" Division berthing compartment.  Ed Hill and Stanley Bushinski next to the Captain's gig.  Jim Luttrell in the Ships Armory.

The following pictures were taken and donated by Salvador Greco from Metairie, LA.   Pictures were taken in and around 1954.    An Army Barc with a flat tire in the welldeck had a flat and had to be fixed before it could leave the ship.  Army Transportation men changing   the flat tire on the Barc.  A group discussion on how to get the tire back off and on again.