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The following pictures wee sent to us by LTjg Bruce Blomgren.  Picture of the Aluminaut entering welldeck.  Change of Commmand, Capt. Reuben Woodall to Capt. Robert  Bagby, September 27, 1966Change of Command  Comming into New York during Fleet Week.  Flight deck loaded.  Good looking crew.  Lt. Sandusky as the old fishermanLTjg Bruce Blomgren  All of these pictures were taken between 1966-69

The following pictures were sent to us by Jack Martincic, BM3.  Picture of the Queen of Denmark on an open house tour of the ship in 1969.   Picture of Captain Presley (L) and myself on right during an inspection.  Next to me is Larry Stricker and Engisn Faraguamo.  Pictures were taken in 1969.

The following pictuires werre sent to us by Don Rhine, FTG2.  Replishment with USS Boxer,  CV21.   Another picture with PRock and the USS Boxer,  Highlining with a Bosun's chair.  The Carribean , two photos.  #3  #6Captains Gig.  All of these picturess were taken in 1967.

The following pictures were sent to us by Joe Palmieri, BT3
The first one is me standing watch on #2 (aft) boiler3.  The photo was in bad shape. This is the best I could do with it.  The second one is  a few  MM's and BT's  I served with.  The third  one was a pride thing mostly. Kind of like Chevy Vs. Ford or Hatfield Vs. McCoy. On the P-Rock it was Aft' fire room Vs. Forward fire room. Always a friendly competition to be the coolest most squared away bunch of "snipes" in "B" division. The last one is a  picture of some of the "B" gang Aft' fire room guys.

The picture on the left, which was taken in the carpenter shop, was developed during Feb. 1961, so I expect that it was taken in Jan.  Anyway, it shows Phil Canney of Lee, NH who was discharged in 1963 as an MM2 and Thurlow "Butch" Brewer a fisherman from Boothbay Harbor, Maine.   Phil was killed in a car accident during March of 1968.  The last time that I saw Butch was in East Boothbay Harbor on July 4 during the late  '70's  The picture on the right I do not remember the date or occasion for the PRock cake.  I was on board from May '60 to Jan '63.  Was it a birthday of sorts?  Maybe someone out there has a recollection".  Pictures were contributed by Andy Dusault, DC2.

Bill, My uncle who was a Marine on the Fort Snelling sent this picture of the P.Rock and the Fort Snelling tied up together. Don't know what year this was taken, but appears to be at the quay wall in Little Creek.  Rich Pratt, SN

The following  picture was sent to us by Gerald Holden, YN2. "Bill hope you are doing well.    This is Gerald (Gerry) Holden former YN2 Captain's yeoman Peter Rabbit back in 1969.   I have sent you several pictures in the past.   Last eve.    I got outbid on the picture I am enclosing.   It has a superimposed with "embitt scan"  on the front that could be covered up with a date the picture was taken if you wish.    I was the only other bidder on the photo and it is not copy writed if I spelled that correctly so there should be no problem in using it.   This picture was taken in June of 1966 while the ship was in New York .    I have another negative that one of these days will get printed and send that one to you as well.    You can see civilians on the ship so they must have at an "open house"   or something like that.    The Rock sure looks nice and clean in this one.    The color too is quite nice."

The following  pictures were contributed by Leo Hernandez, HM3 during the period 1967-69.  If any of who know those in the pictures not identified, please e-mail Leo at [email protected]  Ships anchor, Davgaenbaugh, ?, ? and Joe Adamo, BM3.  Leo Hernandez in sickbay with Lt. Marvin a Blanton, Md., N. Atlantic Midshipman cruise 1968 or 69.  Bringing in Marine tanks to the ship.  Target practice.  Bringing in a helo on the helicopter deck.  High lining supplies while underway.  Joe Adamo, BM3 and his girl friend.  Mike Fryer, Leo Hernandez in shades.

The following three pictures were contributed by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA.  The following pictures were taken in 1967.  The PRock is tied up at the Army Piers in San Juan, P.R.   April 1967.  I hesitated to send the one of me on the beach,  haven't been that thin in my entire adult life.  Thought some of the guys would remember the sign.  The one aboard ship in my whites is in San Juan harbor.

The following items were contributed by Harry Andersen, BTC of Waukegan, IL  The two pictures shows activity in the Welldeck of the ship.  Picture 1  and Picture 2.  Date and place of pictures unknown.

The following items were contributed by Walt Hyatt, MM3 of Lynnfield, MA.  The following were taken in 1962, as ship was headed for the Cuban blockade.  LCVP entering the welldeck.  Ballasting UpLooking forward from the helicopter deck.  "M" Division quarters, l-r, P. Smith (Smithy), R. Campbell and Walt Hyatt.  The following pictures are from the Med. Cruise:  Cannes, France on board walk enjoying ice cream and local attractions, l-r G.L. Webster, MRFN, P. Campbell, MMFN and N.D. Thompson, MMFN,  Alvin getting ready to go for search, Alvin secured in well deck, Walt Hyatt, MM3 on wing wall.

The following items were contributed by Richard McCoy, RMSN of Hamilton, NJ.  Items were from 1960 period.  Promotion listing, 24 July 1960.  Newspaper article identifying units represented in mideast disturbance.  Memo from CinC Pres. Eisenhower to the USS Plymouth Rock.  Award presented to Richard L. McCoy.  Initiations nominations for Shell backs, 3 Feb. 1960.  Plan of the Day for 11 Feb. 1960.  Court subpoena for R. McCoy, 11 Feb. 1960.

The following pictures were contributed by Tom Wagner, YN3 of Cincinnati, OH.  Pictures were taken during the period Jan 60 to May 60 on President Eisenhower's Good Will tour to South America.  Nelson, SN2.  George Miller, SN2 and Charlie "Cos" Costello, RD2. John "JD" Norris, SN.  OI Division Officers, sitting LTJG Lester Wicks, standing LT Stanley D. Clark.  Taking on stores, Montevideo, Uruguay.  Crossing the Equator - King Neptune and his Court.  Bad day for "pollywogs".   Shellback Surgeon operating on a "pollywog".   Jack Bixler and John "JD" Norris

The following pictures were contributed by Harry Andersen, BTC of Waukegan, IL  September 1968, PRock is in Little Creek.    February 1969, BTC Andersen and WO1 Mosley, MPA.  Pictures taken in Weldeck of the ship.  Picture #1; Picture #2; Picture #3.

The following  pictures were provided by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA in 1967 while the ship was in London England in the fall of  1967.  The White Cliffs of Dover, England.  Some of the crew site seeing along the Themes River, London.  Themes River, British warship and in the background is the Tower Bridge.  London Bridge which is now crossing the Colorado River between Arizona and California.  House of Parliment and Big Ben.  The Themes River.  The Tower of London.  Ron Swearingen with a "Beefeater"   (a guard at the Tower of London).  Ron Swearingen and Dick Berg in Trafalgar Square.  Some of the ships crew in front of "Old Curiosity Ship" made famous by Charles Dickens.

The following  pictures were provided by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA in 1967 while the ship was in Wilhelmshaven, Germany in September 1967.  The Plymouth Rock tied up astern of a German destroyer.  Taken while the ship was passing a bridge that turned out of our way so we could pass.   German sailors ready to assist the P Rock crew.   View of Wilhelmshaven while the Plymouth Rock is entering the port.  View of Naval Station at Wilhemshaven, Germany

The following  pictures were provided by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA in 1967 while the "Rock" was in Copenhagen, Denmark.  USS Plymouth Rock entering the port of Copenhagen.  Plymouth Rock tied up behind Russian ocean liner.  A landing craft that the ship picked up either in Denmark or Germany.  Sailboat framed in the ships bow line.  Ron Swearingen working the mess decks.  Berg, Johns and Swearingen near the famous mermaid in Copenhagen.  Some of the crew eating at a hot dog stand in Copenhagen.

The following  pictures were provided by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA.  Ron believes these picture were taken sometime in 1968.  Cooper, Johns, Hunter.  Looks like Hunter has been out to see way tooooo long.  Captains gig heading out somewhere.  A First Class from R Division, can't remember his name.

The following  pictures were provided by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA.  The pictures were taken on the Enlisted Mens Beach, San Juan PR, 1967.  Dancheshausen, Hemmerling, Champion (cleaning his toes) and M. Probes.  Unknown shipmate in background.  Hemmering, Dachenhausen, M. Probes and "unknown".   Probes and Hemmerling (nickname Hummingbird) on the beach shadow boxing James Bond style.  Shipmate known only as "Tex"

The following  pictures were provided by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA.   Jimmy Johns somewhere in the Carribean, 1967.  Landing craft approaching the welldeck on manuvers - 1967  Flight deck operations 1967.  Welldeck operations on manuvers.

The following  pictures were provided by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA.   Jim Champion of the starboard wing wall near the stern gate.  Cooper with a a real Polish sailor, unfortunately can't remember his name.  l-r Dachenhausen, Myers, Champion and Hunter.  Jimmy Johns, Berg, Ron Swearingen, those of the far left and front unknown.

The following  pictures were provided by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA.  The following pictures were taken in the summer of 1967.  Swim break in the well deck.  R division swimming in the well deck.  Good form diving off the sterngate into the well deck. 

The following  pictures were provided by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA.  The following pictures were taken in 1967.  A great shot of the stern gate of the Plymouth Rock.  Snow in the well deck in February 1967.  Ron Swearingen enjoying one of the four seasons all the guys on the East Coast talk about.  The Aluminaut an experimental submarine owned by the Reynolds Aluminum Corp. off Port Everglades, FL April 1967.  Loading the Aluminaut.  The Aluminaut inside the welldeck.  Securing the Aluminaut in the welldeck.  Off loading the Aluminaut somewhere in the Caribbean. 

The following newspaper picture was provided by Ron Swearingen, DC3 of Alto Loma, CA.  The picture was from a German newspaper the "Wilhelmshavener Seitung"article dated September 30, 1967. The image shown is the Plymouth Rock entering the harbor at Wilhelmshaven, Germany.  In drydock, May 1968.  View of the sterngate.  Story has it that the gate was warped, but R division figured the gate was OK, and the ship was warped.  In dry-dock, picture of the starboard screw.   On leave in Daytona Beach, FL, April 1968.  L-R, Ron Swearingen, Gary Sweat, Jim Champion.  February 1968, R Division after washing down the inside of one of the fuel tanks.   L-R, Dick Berg, Marvin Probes, Ron Swearingen, the Chief, next guy unknown and Myers with the hat.  Marvin Probes, DC3, August 1967, San Juan, PR.  A cold day in February 1967, notice the snow and ice on the ship  A shot of a live burn at DC school in Philadelphia.  A clear day in Little Creek, VA  Old Glory flying over the rock.

The following pictures were provided by Norm Stackhouse, BT2 of Waretown, NJ.  An Engineers party at Gitmo, while on a shakedown cruise after shipyard repairs.  Standing on far right is Bill Spicer, BTFN, sailor making a toast is Hepburn, BT3, all in the picture are either MM's of BT's, time period is late 1962.  Norm Stackhouse and Regan at ships birthday party in Norfolk.  They were arrested that night for drinking in public, $50.00 fine and 4 hours extra duty.  Picture taken in 1963, they were the 8-12 watch in the after fire room.  Norm Stackhouse on left, Masala in center

The following pictures were provided by Andy Dussault DC2 of St. Johnsbury, VT.  Shipfitters shop. sitting :  A. Dussault, Louie Haubiel, Tom Koziol, 2nd row:  Buford Garner, Chuck Hampton, ?? Schiener, "Goose",  in Back:  J. D. Vezey.  Picture taken in the Med in summer of 1960.  The pilot was attempting to take off when the tail whipped around.  Of course as Damage Controlmen, we were on the scene.   In this photo, the officer on the left Andy believes was a CWO from the "hole" and his name began with a "C"

The following article from the "GATOR" of May 12, 1967 was provided by Richard Pratt, SN,  of North East, PA.  The article is in reference to the Aluminaut deep dive sub

The following pictures were provided by Gerald M. Holden, YN2 of Franklinville, NC.  The pictures reflect the damage that occurred to the ship when she was coming into port in Vieques in the Virgin Islands.  The pier was named "Mosqueito" pier.  It was alleged that the pilot gave the wrong signals and the tug brought the ship in too fast or bumped the pier pilling forcing the head of a very large bolt into the side of the ship just above the water line.  A picture of the damage to the ships hull.  Another picture showing damage to the hull.  Picture showing the damage to the pier.  A closer view of the damage to the pier.   Another picture shows Project Tektite which was an underwater sealab that the ships was involved in in late 68 or early 69.

  The following picture was provided by Andy Dussault, 1118 Breezy Hill Rd., St. Johnsbury, VT   05819  Photo shows Richard Guber DC2 and Andy Dussault DC3 being highlined to the USS Vermillion to observe damage control drills.  Picture probably taken in the summer of 1960 in the Med.  It was one week later that the PRock had a collission wilth the Vermillion while highlining. 

The following pictures were taken by Jim Ziemba, HM2 32504 111th Place SE, Auburn, WA   98092.  Photo sold in the ship's shore of the ship for use in Christmas Cards.  One of six 3" 50 mounts on the ship at this time.  An expendable man in the bosun's chair.  GM2 Starner at port gun mount.  GM2 Starner throwing clay pigeons.  USS Chopper, diesel submarine, tied by behind us at the Reynolds Aluminum pier, Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  (Dr. No's secret headquarters in the first James Bond movie)  Well deck and the Captain's gig.   Well deck volleyball game.  This produced some twisted ankles as guys came down in the holes in the deck used to gripe down landing craft.  Land the landing force.  On the stern gate looking forward.  LCU in well deck from catwalk under the flight deck with M-48 tanks and Ontos tank destroyers.  The Ontos was a small tracked vehicle with three men inside mounting six 106 recoilless rifles.  Became obsolete with the development of the TOW missile.   Refueling destroyer off Gitmo during shakedown cruise after yard period in Charleston.  The exercise called for a right turn while connected and we had to do an emergency breakaway due to nearly colliding with the destroyer.  Helicopter operations during shakedown cruise at Gitmo.  Land in background is Cuba.  The above pictures were taken between October 1963 and June 1965.

The following two pictures were sent to us  by Michele Carrere Gagner.  Her father was on the USS Carp (SS338) and  the two pictures were taken of the Plymouth Rock through the Carp's periscope.  Michele believe's the pictures were taken in the fall of 1962.  Plymouth Rock 1 in the crosshairs and Plymouth Rock 2.  These are some of the first pictures taken by Polaroid camera taken through a periscope. 

The following pictures were provided by Bob Bild, 3209 Nautilus Circle, Tallahassee, FL  32312.  The Plymouth Rock refueling at sea.   Another view of the ship refueling at sea.  Refueling at sea, oops-we spilled a little!  On liberty!  Palermo, Sicily, L-R:  L Million, C. Nitkowski, E. Nowak.   Viewing the Rock of Gibraltar.  The 3"50 gun mount.  Manning the crane, Rota, Spain.  Tamillo on the stern gate, Bay of Alcouta, Spain.  The above pictures were taken in 1963.

The following pictures were submitted by Tom Richter, Captain (Retired) from 132 Rainbow Drive, #3288, Livingston, TX   77399  Plymouth Rock at anchorage in Hamilton Harbor, Bermuda  Another view of the ship in Hamilton Harbor, Bermuda.  Quarterdeck of the USS Plymouth in Bermuda.  Naval Station, Bermuda.  Three new Ensigns from the ship.  Ship practicing for Mercury capsule pickup.  Working on the Helicopters for Mercury pickup. Helicopters on flight deck for Mercury pickup  Helicopters on flight deck with flight crews.  Pictures were taken in 1961.

The Plymouth Rock in a storm with water cascading over the bow.  Storm 1 and Storm 2.  The above pictures were contributed by Bob Shanahan, RD3, 44 Woodside Ave., Buffalo, NY  The pictures were taken sometime between 1967 and 69.  Bob's camera was damaged as a result of the storm.  

Sometime in 1966, the Plymouth Rock departed for Florida to pickup  a two man deep dive submersible (Aluminaut) and proceed to Rota Spain.  The submersible was to search for an atomic device, that was supposedly lost when two jets collided.  The submersible entering the well deck.  The submersible and part of her crew in the cradle in the well deck.   .  The Alvin ballasting down in the well deck.  The Aluminat fully ballasted in the well deck  The above pictures were contributed by Gerald R. Borden, BT3, 1192 Tamarac Rd., Troy, NY   12180

Plymouth Rock "choppers" underway.  Three "snipes", L-R, Frank Formaro, BT3, R. E. Burrows, MM2, Paul Mohawk, MM3.  Paul Mohawk at Main Control.  Highline with the USS Vermillion.   "Snipes" from #1 Engine Room.  Picture taken just minutes before this ship lost electric load (steering gear) and hit us.  Enroute to Greece with the cradle for the "PT109".  The above pictures were contributed by Paul Mohawk, 2505 Conifer Ave., Alexandria, MN

The Plymouth Rock at NOB Norfolk.   Mc Graw near the gun tubsMain deck, amidships.  
The above pictures were provided to us by Jim Collinson, 13 River Street, Cranston, RI.  Pictures were taken in 1969-70.

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