Paid Association Members for 2015-16
As of December
12, 2016
 we now have 133 paid members

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January 18, 2017

As you can imagine any group or association such as ours requires funds.  The funds are used primarily for paying the costs of the Website (server fees, registration of our .com address), mailing out the newsletter to all paying dues members (printing, postage), general mailings, up-front cost of upcoming reunion and postage.  Our primary source of revenue are the bi-annual dues of $25.00.   To become a member of the USS Plymouth Rock Association complete the Application for Membership which can be found in the Ships Website on the Links Page or call/write/e-mail either my self or David Dortch and we will send you an application.

The 2016-2018 dues are now due, please send dues to David Dortch, Treasurer.  Make checks payable to USS Plymouth Rock Association.  Dues are payable on a bi-annual basis (every two years) at $25.00 and are due on the year of the reunion (are due on an even year 2004, 2006, 2008, etc).   Should a member or prospective member pay at any other time, dues will be credited from the preceding even year All dues paying members receive the Newsletter three times a year by US Mail.    David Dortch's address is 4009 Hickory Cove, Paragould, AR  72450

If your name does not appear on this list and you have paid your 2016 dues, please let David Dortch know as soon as possible.  His e-mail address is

Adam, Ian

Andersen, Harry

Anstett, William

Baldwin, Brad Bali, Charles

Bell, Joe

Brown, Robert

Bena, Joe

Bentheimer, Glenn

Bierce, George

Bild, Bob

Brown, Alvin G.

Brusky, David

Brunton, Thomas

Buchanan, Richard

Buiak, Peter Jr. Burch, Willard Jack Caldwell, Tim

Cartwright, Richard

Clark, Nick

Clark, Robert

Comstock, Ed

Conroy, Michael Cooke, Charles

Courchesne, Mark A.

Crowl II, Martin C.

Cuffy, Arvell

Cummings, Steve

Cyr, Dennis

Czarnetski, Bruce

Czarnetski, Jon

Dailey, Ronald J.

Dalfonzo, Sam

DiFranco, Joseph.

Dortch, David

Dushane, David

Dussault, Andrew

  Fisher, Jack Fisher, Jay
Fisher, Scott Flanagan, Mike Formaro, Frank Forton, Mary

Fredette, Ronald

Freeman, James

Furman, Herbert III

Gee, James Gilpatrick, Thomas Guertin, Jerry

Hall, Daniel

Haynie, Bill Hernandez, Gabriel

Hernandez, Leo

Hickson, Thomas W., Sr

Hopper, Richard

Hyatt, Walter

Ishmael, Harry

Jennings, Seeley

Jepson, Norm

Joyce, Ed.

Kane, Thomas Kaderka, Leonard

Lamay, Roger

Larkin, Chuck

Larson, Jerry

Lavallee, Leo

Lillig, Bernie F

Lucas, Mervin Luttrell, James
Macomber, Brandon

Miller, Ronald

Mohawk, Paul Mosier, Alan Musella, Rocco
Neipert, Greg

Nichols, Elaine

Nicholl, Peter

Nye, Randell

Pawlak, Ervin

Peraino, Paul Peterson, Gary Pihl, Walter C.

Pratt, Richard

Provencal, Bill

Pyle, Ted

Ralston, Robert

Reed, John F.

Rhine, Don

Robertson, Allen

Rogers, David

 Rook, Jack

Rose, Christopher

Safford, Richard

Schneider, Michael

Shanahan, Robert

Shewchuk, Richard

Shober, Robert

Short, Forrest

Sims, Bill

Smith, James Stackhouse, Norman Stull, John III Swathwood, David

Swearingen, Ron

Tesh, Sam Thibodeau, Doug Tunstall, Van

Viaene, Lois

Wagner, Thomas F.

Walker, Gerald M.

Walling, Roger

Walsh, Bill

Watson, Ernest

Watson, William
Watts, Richard A. Whitlock, Jerry S.

Whittle, David

Williams, Craig Ziemba, James
Ringer, Joseph Casillas, Gregory Terranova, Paul Beyerie, George

Kennedy, Steven

Bergeron, Richard Nye, Randell Pratt, Robert Wyson, Eugene Stetter, James
Davis, Olin Wynings, Christopher Black, Robert Wells, Andi Shaub, Mike