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Hull Numbers of all Naval Ships U.S. Surface Warship Photo Archives
Haze Gray & Underway - A Naval History and Photography US Naval History
National Archives and Records Admin. US Navy Website
Naval Service and Medical Records US Navy Fact File
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Websites of other LSD’s Ships Associations

Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia

USS Ashland   LSD1 USS Whidbey Island  LSD41
USS Belle Grove   LSD2 USS Germantown  LSD42
 USS Oak Hill  LSD 7 USS Fort McHenry  LSD43
USS Casa Grande  LSD13 USS Gunston Hall  LSD44
USS Cabildo LSD16 USS Comstock  LSD45
USS Colonial  LSD18 USS Tortuga  LSD46
USS Fort Mandan  LSD21 USS Rushmore  LSD47
USS Whetstone  LSD27 USS Ashland  LSD48
USS Thomaston  LSD28 USS Harpers Ferry  LSD49
USS Alamo  LSD33 USS Carter Hall  LSD50
USS Monticello  LSD35 USS Oak Hill  LSD51
USS Pearl Harbor  LSD52

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