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December 28, 2018

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Welcome to the USS Plymouth Rock Letter.  There are two ways to access the News Letter

Current Issue                                 Archived Issues

To access the Current Issue (May - August 2016), click the Current Issue link.  All previous issues of the Newsletter are in the Archived Issues.  The Newsletter is scheduled to be issued every 4 months and to be e-mail  to all Crew Members who have e-mail and to mail the newsletter to all paid Association Members.  Our attempt with the newsletter is to provide news about shipmates, Navy items of interest to former members of the Navy and pictures of the USS Plymouth Rock, a ship we all loved.

Photos provided by Gerald Holden, YN2
holden6.JPG (100020 bytes) holden4.JPG (61303 bytes)

Click on Archived Issues to see all prior issues to the News Letter

Anyone who would like to contribute an article, picture, history of the ship, cartoon, you name it,  for the Newsletter, you can email it to:

Bill Provencal
[email protected]