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Mail Call  from
Sailors and friends of the Plymouth Rock

FOXTROT.GIF (79 bytes)  LIMA.GIF (65 bytes)  NOVEM.GIF (82 bytes)  ROMEO.GIF (89 bytes)  VICTOR.GIF (83 bytes)  YANKEE.GIF (86 bytes)lots of good memories while serving on the Rock especially during the Med cruise.
Great ship mates.

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NOTE:  If any e-mail does not work, you can check the Crews Muster List in the Website for the shipmate's address/phone number that we have currently listed in our records.  Keep in mind that our records are only as good as the data supplied to us by that individual!

E-Mail from Christine Musa, wife of Richard M. Musa, MM3, deceassed:  This is Christine Musa, I am adding my late husband to the guest book and would like to have him added to the memorial list. He served as a Machinist Mate 3rd Class Petty Officer. He was on board from November 1973 and left the ship July 1976. MM3 Musa passed away of systolic bladder cancer, was diagnosed in Sept of 2013 and passed away Novermber of 2013. He is survived by myself and 3 children and 5 grandchildren. He is greatly missed. I hope to see him added to the guest list and the memorial list. the phone number is mine but the address is the last address of his. The email is also mine. Thank you and God Bless

E-Mail from Jerry Stuby, SM3:  lots of good memories while serving on the Rock especially during the Med cruise.  Great ship mates.

E-Mail from Bill Sims, DC3: Iould like to thank all the past officers of the association for there great work in running the assoc. for so many years
I am so very sorry to hear it is about to close due to lack of interest. I wish all my shipmates the best of every thing

I recently visited your USS Plymouth Rock (LSD-29) website for the first time.  Although I served on board that ship from 1964 - 1967, I did not maintain contact with any of the crew afterwards nor did I know about the Association.  I am very proud and think fondly of my sevice. This year, however, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I am interested to know if any members of the Association or other members of the crew experienced any illnesses which could possibly be presumed related to service aboard the USS Plymouth Rock. That is, any illness such as cancer, which could possibly have originated from materials or personnel while serving on board the ship or while at a liberty port, or while in home port at Norfolk Naval Station / Little Creek, VA.  I would greatly appreciate your checking into this matter, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Smooth Sailing,
Harris G. Kehrmann
[email protected]  

Good afternoon Bill! I just wanted to send the Plymouth Rock Ship Association some positive feedback... a student I tutor (Danielle, she's in 5th grade!) was working on a social studies project yesterday and she stumbled onto your webpage (this one here She thought we should let you know that we were exploring the links and found some great information :) and we enjoyed learning about the USS Plymouth Rock so thank you!!

And Danielle picked out this to share with you, to return the favor
"Famous Historical Ships: Warships to Cruise Ships" --

It has some fun information for kids and students about a few famous ships, so Danielle thought it would be a helpful addition to that links page she found... would you be able to use it on there? She'd be so excited to see her suggestion and I can show her at her next tutoring session next week :) Thanks so much Bill, and happy almost Halloween!!

Ms. Glenning (with Danielle B.)


Received an e-mail from LT Van Tunstall, on board 7/69-6/71.  "Hello Bill- I am a former PRock shipmate- I was communications officer on the ship from 1969-1971.   I believe I met you at the reunion in Virginia Beach in 2014- but to tell the truth, I didn't attend any of the activities then. You see, I was born and raised in Virginia Beach but have lived in California for the past 40 years and never returned since I separated from active duty in 1971.    Sorry to say, I spent all  my time during the reunion visiting my old friends and relatives in the area. However, I did have dinner with Shorty Cyr and his wife the first night, though- Shorty brought me many of the radio skeds (usually at 3:00 AM!) during those years.

   The reason I'm writing is that I thought the January-April edition of the newsletter was exceptionally well done! Especially the piece titled... "I like being a sailor".   Even though I was an officer, I also liked watching the sunrise on the open bridge as OOD and having the salt spray in my face.    Remember, in the early 70's,the PRock had a truly open bridge- no windows of any kind facing forward- just a four foot high metal barrier in front of the compass, voice tube, radar repeater and engine order telegraph.    I remember that, in rough seas, the sea would enter the hawse pipes and be thrown up on the open bridge every minute or so- bracing! The OOD (and the rest or the bridge crew) would anticipate this and duck down every 60 seconds or so, then stand back up... and we would do this for a four hour watch- better than going to the gym!   I also remember with fond memories other things in the article... I was the special sea and anchor  detail OOD in 1970-71 and I even had the bos'ns mate teach me how to pipe "Sweepers..." on the bosn's pipe (which I did on the ship many times)... The camaraderie was terrific! The fact that our main cruising grounds then was the Caribbean didn't hurt either...(However don't ask me about my assignment as Senior Shore Patrol Officer on St Thomas in 1970- that 151 proof rum that most of our crew found made for rough SP duty those two nights there!).

   After four years as a Naval Officer I can also proudly say..."I was a sailor. I was part of the Navy and they Navy will always be a part of me."   The reason for this E mail is that I would like to get three additional newsletters if they are available.I would like to send them to some officers that I served with and have been in contact with- LT. Bill Seyboth (Navigation Officer) and LT (jg) Fred Eliason (CIC Officer). They are not members yet...perhaps they would join.   I believe that you have my mailing address to send the extra copies.   

     Thanks... and a big Bravo Zulu for a great edition!       All of the editions bring back good memories... 

         (ex) LT. Van Tunstall             Aptos, California"

Received an e-mail from Jamie Luttrell .  “I just wanted to let everyone know that after a hard fought battle against Alzheimer’s disease, my father passed away on May 20,  2018, at the age of 85. He thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Plymouth Rock family and was buried with his Plymouth Rock hat. Thank you for maintaining this group and giving my Dad some great memories.”
Jamie Luttrell-Houlihan
Note:  James Luttrell was a GM2, on board 7/54-56 and was a “Plank Owner”

Received an e-mail from  Sue Jensen wife of Richard A. Jensen.  "I am writing in hope that you might have some information my husband Richard A. Jensen desperately needs.  Richard was temporary assgned to the Plymouth Rolck that left in September 1965 for Guantanamo Bay.  He trained with the UDT's and then went to Vietnam.  We have tried unsucessrfully to prove he was there.  I have all his letters talking about anchoring off the coasst in the next day.  Every source only list the ship being in Guantanamo Bay and notlhing after that until 1966/  Any information would be so very appreciated."  Please feel free to give Ritchie a call.  We live in Bellmore, NY  917-807-6155.  E-Mail for Sue is:  [email protected]

Received an e-mail from Richard Steer, MM3 on board 1973-74.  "Just reminiscing and found this website.  Great job, keep it up."  His e-mail address is:  [email protected]

Received an e-mail from Andi Larison Masch who is the daughter of CDR Donald Eddie Larison, who was a Commanding Officer on the USS Plymouth Rock. 
Would you please add Donald Larison to the Plymouth Rock Muster List?
He served until June 1981, but I will need to go through his paperwork to determine how early he started – I think it might have been 1979.
He died in Aug 1981. Was supposed to Captain the ship on the cruise from July-Dec 1981, but found out during his physical for the cruise that he had a brain tumor and died from complications from it.
If anyone wants to reach me, my email address is: [email protected]. It would be awesome to hear from anyone that knew him!!
Andi Larison Masch” 
NOTE:  CDR Larison served from 13  December 1980 to 13 January 1981.


Received a nice e-mail from  Woodie Brewer, ETSN, atached to the P Rock with BMU2,  South Cruise, 1965-66: 

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.
"My DD-214 does not reflect the AEM but at least one of my fellow Beachmasters does.  He didn’t realize he had it because they were never presented and many years later, he happened to be looking at is DD-214 and saw it.  He then submitted a Form 180 for the medal and received both the AEM along with a Combat Action Ribbon.  It was by accident that I learned of my Shipmates awards and it got me thinking.  We were on the same BMU2 Team and made two cruises together.  It was rare that we were not together.
Our team was embarked on the Plymouth Rock for that cruise which included Panama as well as other Ports.  If you recall, we were on our way to Port O’ Prince for liberty when the conflict broke out.  We were then diverted to the other side of the island.  The tour of duty lasted from the Fall of 1965 to the Spring of 1967.  I turned 21 on that cruise.
I have a very Military-Friendly Congressman, Vern Buchanan.  I am going to submit a request for correction via his office and see what happens. 
Thank you, again, for taking the time to look up this information for me."

Received an e-mail from Steve Kennedy, E-4, on board 9/73-7/74.  "Served as deck ape. Worked briefly with Corpsman and then went to Corpsman school. Thereafter served at Philadelphia Naval Hospital as the Senior Corpsman on an amputee ward. Discharged July 1976."

Received this e-mail from Jamie Luttrell, son of James Luttrell, GMM2, on board 7/54-8/56.  "I just wanted to inform you that, after putting up a brave battle, my father has been moved to an Alzheimer's unit in Washington, IL. Although most of his memory is gone, he still remembers his dear ship, the Plymouth Rock, and a few of his shipmates from '52-'56. He enjoys getting the newsletters and will look at them over and over again. He wears his Plymouth Rock hat proudly and we have often been approached in public by people coming to
thank him for his service. His new address is 1280 Independence Court, Washington, IL 61571. "

Received an e-mail from Jeff Weiberdink, GM1 (Ret).  "I am the nephew of a sailor who served aboard the Plymouth Rock from Jan. 1972 to Aug. 1972. His name is EN1 (USN retired) Robert Bouchard. I had wanted to add him to the ships roster. After researching his naval history, I found he was stationed on board this ship. This mailing is to let any of his shipmates that may still be here with us that he has passed away. His date of passing was August 09-2014. My family thanks you for your service to our country and for this website. God Bless each and every one of you".  Jeff's e-mail address is [email protected]

Received an e-mail from Andy Dussault, DC2.  "I’m responding to an inquiry in our website by BGMarshall.  I served on the Plymouth Rock from May 1960 to Jan. 1963.  In 1961 I was slated to attend my sister’s June 2nd wedding in Vermont.  On a Friday in May 1961 the ship pulled in to Little Creek after a trip “to somewhere” . I had the Repair Division duty section on Friday and I agreed to be a standby for a brown bagger over the weekend because we were expected to be in port for awhile.  Saturday morning we were informed that we taking aboard a PT boat and we would be departing on Monday. Consequently, I could not attend my sister’s wedding. On our way across the Atlantic the “deck apes” painted the boat white and ( I thought ) green to resemble a yacht. The purpose was for the boat and it’s special personnel to protect Jackie Kennedy when she and her sister Princess Radziwill went on a Med cruise  – one day, I think-  on the royal yacht.  Incidentally, being a Damage Control man , I was one of the sailors that was trained to operate ballast control. I just wish I had taken pictures.  I never heard that the PT boat was the 109. In fact, I would be surprised. Didn’t it “go down” in WW2????
The best part is that not being part of a squadron and being a single ship in the various ports, we had early and GREAT liberty.  What a time.  
During 1961 Plymouth Rock made several cruises to the Caribbean and one to the Mediterranean, including work on Project Mercury and Project ASROC. During 1962 she made several deployments to the Caribbean, and was a member of the blockade force during the Cuban Missile Crisis. On 7 May 1963 she again deployed to the Mediterranean, returning in October.” 

Received an e-mail from wife of Ed Hart, SM1, Murrieta, CA, on board 54-56 (Plank Owner)   "I have your latest letter regarding the USS Plymouth Rock and want to inform you that my husband, Ed Hart, won't be renewing his membership.  He is currently in an assisted living facility with medical problems and was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  Unfortunately, he is unable to participate in any way with your organization.  He was in the Navy, retired as a Commander in 1981, and enjoyed many, many years of attending various reunions for the ships on which he served.  It is very sad when an enthusiastic, vibrant person has to spend his final years in this way"  Mary Jo Hart.  Her e-mail address is:  [email protected]  For those of you who would like to drop a line to Ed his mailing addsrsess is:  40040 Corte Calanova, Murrieta, CA  92562

Received an e-mail from Tom Hickson, BT3 on board 70-72.  "Hi Bill:  I recently heard from Charles Eiland (BTFN) who served at the same time I did on the P-Rock.  Alas, I screwed up and deleted the wrong messages and along with them his phone and email.  He could have only found my emal and phone on the P-Rock site.  Could you post a message to Charles Eiland to recontact me as I have accidently lost his info.  Thanks, Tom Hickson"

Received an e-mail from Phil Hargis, BMSN, on board 8/68-2/70.  "Would like to hear from anyone who served 68-70. Especially those attended jungle survival school in Panama in 1969. Also anyone who was a loader on the twin 3 inch guns, I was loader on last gun on port side. Navy Docs took my left mastoid out in 1970, put me out on manpower cut!"  Phil's e-mail addsress is [email protected]

E-mail from Walter F. Hansmann III on the passing of his father Walt F. Hansmann Jr., MM3 Orange, CA on board March 1952-March 1956.  He writes:  "I was searching for information about my father, Walter F. Hansmann, Jr. (MM3) He served aboard the Plymouth Rock from 1952-56. I updated dad's information on the Navy Log at the U.S. Navy Memorial, and when I saw your site, I thought I would let you know that dad passed away March 2, 2006. Thank you for keeping these memories alive!"  My Dad spoke foundly of his time in Pasagoula, MS training and learning while The Rock was being built, and then serving aboard after her launch.  One thing I recall was thaat Dad spoke aabout flooding the well and diving and swimming in it.  Sounds like an adventure!  Aside from the hard work, it was a special time for my Dad"  Walters e-mail address is [email protected]

Received an e-mail from James Barcliff, DC3, Rural Hall, NC on board 1967 - April 1970.  "I remember all the good times and great guys with whom I served with during those years!! Our Chief of Division, Master Chief GENZ, Great Guy!! The Carib Cruises , Our cruise to England and Germany, San Juan and all the islands in between!! Our Sealab pick up at Philadelphia Naval Yard (top secret at that time) My first duty on board was to repair the Captains' launch which was damaged, did that repair on way down to Carib!! Thanks to all my ship mates past and present!!".  James e-mail address is [email protected]

Received a note from Bob Wagner, CPL, USMC, Coraopolis, PA  15108.  "I am tring to locate Dan O'Connell from Leetsdale, PA that was serving on your ship at that time.  I don't remember is Navy rank.  Is it possible you have a list of sailors that served on board at that time?  January 1956"  Bob's e-mail address is [email protected]

Received a note from Ron Swearingen, DC3, Alta Loma, CA on board 2/67-8/68.  "Just a note of thanks for all you and rest of the guys do for the PRock crew.  It is great to still be a part of a great group of guys".

Received a note from Harry Andersesn, BTC "Just to let you know in all my visits to the internet, I have yet to find any web-ssites that match ours in all around quality.  Keep us the excellent work.  See you both in Norfolk next year"

 Received am e-mail from Mike Lambert, BM3, Coeyman, NY  on board 77-79.  "I am looking for a shipmate BARRY BAKER he was deck dept. 1978 - 79."  His e-mail is [email protected]

Received a guest book entry from Dennis Jennings, Coal City, IL, on board 1962-63.  Writes "Would like to hear from any shipmates that remember me. Returning from med(63) I had the mid watch on throttles on a economy run at 20 knots for days. All of a sudden I got all stop, and before I could log and answer that bell I got full reverse. Pappy Cruise came over and told me to log em and he'd answer em. Then as quick as it started we got 200 turns again.Seems the bow watch saw something they thought might have been an old mine.I'd like to hear from anyone in the engine room on that watch." 

Received an e-mail from Richard Botteron, Londonderry, NH, on board 1977-80,    Writes "Hope you had a great holiday and that you will have a nice reunion in Norfolk. The USS Belknap DLG26 (5th of my 11 ships) were in Norfolk in 2012, the 2 hour river tour was fabulous." His e-mail address is:  [email protected]

Marc A.  Courchesne, on board 4/79-9/81, Ware, MA  writes "Looking for fellow shhipmates".  His e-mail address is [email protected]  12/13

Robert Brown, BTFN. on board 4/70-6/72, Cordele, GA  writes "Would love to hear from anyone from Company B from 70-72."  His e-mail address is [email protected] 12/13

Bruce Lehman, E-5, on board 64-65, Dalmatia, PA writes "Looking for anyone who may have served with me"  His e-mail address is [email protected]  12/13

Note from Ron Bonacci, MM2, on board 78-Decom, Gloucester, VA:  "Member of M division, assigned Aft. Engine room, Decom. crew, I was the last Quarter Deck watch the day of decom.  I made the last deck log entry and signed her out of service"  Ron's e-mail address is [email protected]


Jerry S. Whitlock, BTC. , on board 6/76 - 3/79 writes:  Received my newsletter yesterday, keep up the good work.  I have some very fond memories of the Rock, went aboard in 1976, and retired in March 1979 as BTC  The Rock was in the yards in Baltimore and had been there for quite a long time.  After leaving the yards and going to Little Creek, Va, we sant along side the pier re-doing everything the yards did and going through some really hard times.  However we finally got her fixed and after alot of trial and error, were were good to go.  Jerry's e-mail address is [email protected]

James McDermott, QM2, on board 3/62-3/65  writes "Does anyone have any information for Gene Tally, SM2, 1963-1966".  James e-mail is [email protected]

Received a note from Kevin Burrows, son of Robert "Shorty" Burrows, 1960-64.  'I ran across the ships website looking for more information about ship rosters during the time frame.  My father served aboard the ship as a machinist.  He was from Alabama."  Kevin's e-mail address is [email protected]

Received a note from William Patton, RM1, (On board 1970-75  "Was a great ship, learned alot during my time on old blue.  Caused me to remain in the Navy and retired as a CWO4. Bill's e-mail address is [email protected]

Received a note from Richard Pratt, SN, (On board 12/66-10/68) 
Bill, I read the article about the USS William D Porter DD 579  (Newsletter 31) with much interest.  Especially the part about her shooting the side of the USS Luce  DD 522. My uncle was on board the Luce at that time though he never mentioned that incident to me. The Luce met the same fate as the Porter. On 4 may 1945 ( 36 days before the Porter ) It was sunk by a kamikaze.  Unlike the Porter ( 0 souls lost ) the Luce lost 126 souls out of 312 on board. I remember my uncle says the one thing that ticked him off the most was having to take off his brand new shoes and leaving them on the ship before jumping overboard.  Thanks for putting the story in.

Received a note from Kevin Dunmire, SM3, (On board 1978-1980).  "Had good memories of the Rock.  Will always remember.. Stedman, Clausen, Flanigan and SMSC Gene Suggs.  His favorite saying was YO WHAT'S THE HAPPENING".  Kevin's E-Mail Address is [email protected]

Received a note from Bob Pruett, Capt., USMC (Ret), (On Board Jan 1960)  "Bill, I read with special interest the message from Orvell Cuffey, YN3 regarding Operation Amigo.  As you already know I was TAD from or with HMX-1 out of Quantico Virginia aboard the Rock.  We sailed out of Norfolk in January 1960, made a couple of stops along the way.  Became a Turtle as we crossed the Equator, survived a small storm and off loaded my group in Rio.  Apparently the "incident" that killed the Navy Band members is still off-limits but I know some of the details.  If anyone wants to know more for the record you can contact me by phone at 252-728-6113 (H) or 252-241-9412 (M).  Thanks"  His E-Mail Address is:  [email protected]

Received a note from Dave Wardle, QM1, On Board:  10/58 - 7/64.  "Bill, When the PRock went to South America with Eisenhower we were under the Command of a Commander Hess since Captain Readon had contacted Hepatitis and was hospitalized. I was a part of the QM gang and remember him as a real good Skipper, as an Exec we thought he was terrible.  When we were in Montevideo Eisenhower's son wanted us to haul some stuff back and Hess refused (wasn't authorized to, I imagine) Seems to me he ordered the kid off the ship when he started pushing his weight around. That was one of the best cruises I have EVER been on.  Out of all the Med cruises I went on the South American cruise sticks out.  His E-Mail Address is:  [email protected]

Thanks for the newsletter."

Received a note from Vic Pineda, TN, On Board 8/67-10/70  "The Navy gave me enough time think about my future. I treasured the time I spent at the ship (LSD_29). A lot of nice liberty ports in Northern Europe and the Caribbean's. Yes... I remember those good times."  His E-Mail Address is [email protected]

Received a note from Randy Willis, HT2, (On Board 1981-83.  "Just looking for old friends I served wilth from R division, or from the softball team I played first base on". His E-.Mail Address is [email protected]

Received a note from Gene Knierien, IC3, (On Board April 76-Oct. 78).  "I really enjoyed my time aboard and am looking for Mike Lacks and Ralph Symick, hope to find them this way"  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Received a note from W. Jack Burch, Ltjg, (On Board July 1956-Fall 1957.)  "I failed to see in the deployment history, that in the summer of 1957, the PR made two arctic trips and on one of them, in support of the international geophysical year, we had aboard Dr, Van Allen of Iowa State University who was conducting experiments on magnetic fields. The PR was to get him to a specified location in the Arctic Ocean and we would fire a rocket that would gather data. As a result of his work, there is now a recognized "Van Allen Belt" that is well documented. I was Navigator of PR at that time"  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Received a note from Bob Pruett, Captain USMC.  (On Board Jan 1960)  "Note the website does not mention transporting President Eisenhower Support group (Whitetops) to South American in 1960. Is this mission still classified?"  His e-mail address is [email protected]  Tom Wagner, YN3, President of the Ships Association responded to Bob with the following" Bob: I never heard that cruise referred to by that name.  All we heard was is it was “Ike’s Good Will Tour to South America”.  We carried all the presidential vehicles, a helicopter, maybe 2, and band instruments for the Navy Orchestra.  I know we had Secret Service personnel billeted to the Officer’s Quarters.  They were assigned to keep an eye on the vehicles and helicopter/s.  The Navy orchestra, 19 members, were all killed in a mid air collision when landing in Rio.  Turns out, years later, I became acquainted with a brother of one of orchestra members who was killed.  I was aboard at that time and worked in the ship’s office, but was temporarily assigned to collect oceanographic temperatures at different depths.  Every 2 hour, 24/7 all the way to Rio.  Wonderful duty!  I never did know why that information was needed.  Upon returning to the States, I mustered out of the Navy."

 Received an e-mail from Bill Lydon, FTG1, (On Board 1969-72)  "Bill,Could you please change my email address on the PR website. I retired from IBM in 2009. My home id is [email protected] Since retiring I have been volunteering 2 days a week on the Battleship New Jersey. I am on the maintenance and restoration team and we have a great crew of guys to help keep up the ship. When I left the Plymouth Rock in 1972, I was transferred to the USS Green Bay (PG101) in Little Creek. All the Ashville class gunboats have a reunion every year and these are the reunions I usually attend. If I see a Plymouth Rock reunion in the NJ area I will attend."


Received a note from Leo Lavallee, RM1, USN-Ret (On board 1958).  "While at sea, a group of us were in the compartment and I saw a Captain entering the compartment from Second divisions berthing.  Dummy me, I stood at attention and said nothing, instead of saying "Attention of Deck"!  Only 17 years old, a seaman deuce and first time at sea and green, this ked got his ass chewed real good by BM2 Steele.  I learned from that experience that any time any officers presence will be noted.  Evan as BM2 Steele would make his presence known, I would yell out Attention of Deck. 
Good memories I still have after all these years, with the 1st and 2nd division group while embarked on a Med. cruise."  NOTE:  Leo was embarked for a Med cruise in 1958 (April-Oct) with the Beach masters and was assigned as a compartment cleaner in 1st Division. 

Short note from James Trozzo, MM3, (On Board May 61 - May 65.  "Anyone in the navy in these years e-mail me back and lets reminisce."  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Received another letter from Leo Lavallee, RM1, USN-Ret (On board 1958).  "There was a guy by the name of Swain, a Seaman Duece in 1st Div.  I'll always remember him getting his whites dirty on a sea and anchor detail.  He told BM2 Steele "somebody oughta wash these dirty mooring lines once in a while.  Guess what?  SA Swain pulled some extra duty and guess what Steele had him do?  Do you remember HMC Johnson.  He and a doctor we had on board, specialized in CIRCUMCISIONS.  I was one of the victims at 18 and to this day I can tell you in detail of the procedure.  The best part of me was tossed over board in the Straits of Gibraltar on our way back to CONUS.  I was celibate for six months after we returned home.   I recall all the P'Rock memories, after all these years as if it was just yesterday.  I made some good friends in those six months (BM2 Steele, BM3 Dancer, BMSN Means, SA Dawson, SA Hicks)".  Leo can be reached by slo mail at 721 Turnpike Rd., Greenville, NH   03048.

Received the following e-mail from Robert Reid  "I am in possession of a Zippo lighter With the crest of the USS Plymouth Rock LSD 29 Surrounded with a world globe on the back is etched CHH in rough scrape Can you help trace the owner or his family so I can return it to its rightful owners.I picked it up by trade of a british emblem in Barcelona in the 80s whilst working with the 6th Fleet (Mediteranian)"  His e-mail address is [email protected] 

Received the following e-mail from Bob Pratt, EM2 of Sapulpa, OK  " Hello Bill, I served on the PR 1/65 to 6/65.  Just long enough to make one cruise to the Caribbean (EM's were short handed at the time and I was single).  On June 12th 1965, I was separated two days early as the PR was headed to sea early (never found out where it went)."  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Received a note from Richard McLeod, BMC, of McDonough, GA., on boaard 4/76-1/79.  "It is nice to find that some of my old shipmates are still alive and kicking.  At our age, this is truly a blessing".  His e-mail address is
[email protected]

Received an e-mail from Jeremy Lewis, BM3, of Buffalo, NY, on board 5/80-9/83  "
My name is Jeremy Lewis, and I was on the Plymouth Rock from 4/May/1980 to the date she was decommed in 1983.  I was in 1st Div and Hobart Lee was my LPO for awhile.  I'm from Buffalo NY and remember MR2 Fitzgerald who was also a Buffalo boy.  I served with the entire gang of miscreants in the Deck Dept under the firm hand of Bosu'n Briglin, BMCS Kossey, and BM1 Whitney who later became BMC.  I came aboard in the middle of the yard period when we were at Horne Brothers.  I sailed with a great bunch of guys but at the time did not realize it, now I miss those days.  I stood the very last midwatch with our PC2 on the P-Rock when she was tied to the Quaywall at Little Creek, and a Hurricane had blown in.  We were trapped on the dead ship because the wind had blown her so far off the pier that we could not get off the ship.  We had spent the day scrounging around for old mooring lines because we had taken everything off the ship.  We were riding so high in the water that we had to have the brown onto a set of stairs.  They moved the decomm ceremony into the base theater, and wouldn't you know it, the weather was perfect.  We had a great blow out at the Helm club that night, where we spent most of the ship's MWR money".  His e-mail address is
[email protected]

Received an e-mail from Charles Schreiner, SFP3, Pasadena, MD,  on board 1957-60.  "Looking for Bruce Lehman, really enjoyed the music we played in the shop.  Also, going to San Juan and the Med."  His E-Mail Address is [email protected]

Received an e-mail from Gerry Holden, YN2, Franklinville, NC, on board 9/69-6/70  "When I was aboard the "Rock" in 69-70, was the ship a member of Phibron 8 or Amphibious Squadron 9?  I am getting to old to remember.  Thanks Bill, Gerry Holden, YN2"  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Received an e-mail from Andy Dussault, DC2, St. Johnsbury, VT  on board 5/60-1/63  "
I'll never forget the Cuban Crisis. On my 24th birthday - Oct. 24, 1962 - many of us were extended fo one year. I had two and one half months to go. I was so proud that we finally had a president who told the Russians to get out of the area, or else."  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Received an e-mail from Bill Sims, DC3,  Fairfield, OH  45014, on board 11/55 - 9/59.  "I would like for some one to let me know anything about , Larry Alcorn DC3,  R division,  also any info on Alan Napier DC1 R division".  Bills e-mail address is [email protected]

Received e-mail from James Smith, HT3, Heathsville, VA  22437-4053  "Bill, thanks.  I have trying to find a Mr. Maxwell who served between 1960 and 1964.  He was division officer of the guns and fire control or more simply 3rd division.  He was a really good officer and the last time I saw him was in Baltimore in fall of 67.  We were both pharmacuetical salesmen.  I simply have lost touch since 1967.  Is there a roster list of all enlisted and officers who have served over the years.  I sure would like to regain contact.  A little bio on me.  I was discharged from the Navy in August of 1963 and re-enlisted in 1976 as a E-6 on an APG program and served until 1996.  Finished as E-8 MRCS.  Loved it. last 4 years really dragged.  Was hell when peace broke out.  But anyway am enjoying the pension and Tri-care."  His e-mail address is:   [email protected]

Received this e-mail from Lisa Scupien:  "Hi, my name is Lisa Scupien. I am doing some research for a friend and I'm not really sure where to begin. He is looking for a guy named John MacPherson, Jr., MS,  who served on the USS Plymouth Rock LSD-29 from 1979-1983. I only have a last known address and phone # which is no good any more.  If you know where I can find information on the people who served on this ship, please send me anything you may have by e-mail. Thanks for your help!"  Her e-mail address is [email protected]

Received an e-mail from Jerry S. Whitlock, BTC,  on board June 76-March 79.  "CALL OR E MAIL STILL KICKING WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU"  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Received an e-mail from Jeremy Lewis, BM3, Buffalo, NY  " I was on the P-Rock from May 4, 1980 until DECOMM  in 1983.  I still have my cruise book from UNITAS XXII.  After the P-Rock I had 8 more years in the USN ending up as a BM1.  I then went into the Army reserve, and I believe that I am probably the only P-Rock Navy crewman to fight in the Iraq war, I was in the initial invasion in 2003 and spent a year in Iraq.  The last time I saw the Plymouth Rock she was tied up at Portsmouth VA and we were scrounging parts for the USS Canisteo and she was tied up on the other side of the pier we were on. His e-mail address is [email protected]

Bill, thank you for your kindness. Also, thank you for the images of the ship. I was able to locate and download some other images of the P-rock for Dad's funeral, but the ones you sent were much nicer. My father's name is Richard E. Kinner and he was a chief (E-8) machinist's mate when he was on board the P-rock. I'm not exactly sure of the dates he served on LSD-29, but from what I can remember as a child and from his orders that I could find (dad was a real pack-rat), he served from approximately November 1960 until September 1965. He was then transferred to the USS Telfair (which was promptly de-commissioned), the USS Marias (AO-57), the USS Salinan (ATF-161) and the USS Canisteo (AO-99). Dad retired as CWO-3 in 1975. His wife of 58 years is still living near us in Apollo Beach, Florida, but she will likely return to Virginia Beach after she sells her property here. Dad's remains will be interned at a temporary columbarium at the Church of the Holy Family in Virginia Beach on Friday, May 7, 2010. I'm sure he is telling his former shipmates who have gone to rest some great sea-stories. Again, thank you for your kindness and thank you and all who have served on LSD-29 for their service to their country. Best regards and may God bless you.
Richard E. Kinner, Jr.


James David Hosea, RM3, Huntsville, TX  (on board 3/74-6/78)  "I need to find someone how was on the ship after we came out of the yards in 1977. I fell through a hatch and the VA cannot find my medical record. However, The VA person said if I can find someone or two that will write a letter to document the event, then they will reopen the claim."  His e-mail address is:  [email protected]

Jack Morton, SN, Ormond Beach, FL (on board 1957-60) writes:  "Looking for D. W. Chapman, SN, 1st Div."  His e-mail address is:  [email protected]

Renolds Mckenzie, SN, Fayetteville, NC (on board 2/79-3/80) writes:  "Man the memory's. I was on board during the Bermuda trip, Gitmo landings, Jamaica relief and the short trips out of the harbor for assault craft training before Christmas of 79. Left Her in dry dock march of 80. Really sad to think i could be shaving with her. There were alot of great times and I wish I have never left for that A school billet. His e-mail address is:  [email protected]

Jerry Brooks, QM2, Charlottesville, VA (on board 3/80-1/83 writes:  "Plymouth Rock went to South America in 1981 on Unitas Cruise. Cruise of a lifetime, of course, and enjoyed looking at the cruise book. Unfortunately, the cruise book was lost during a move and I have been wondering how I could get a copy. Was also wondering how the QM and Deck gangs are doing after all these years!"  His e-mail addess is:  [email protected]

I received an e-mail from Francis Todd Miskelly informing me of the following "My Dad, FE Miskelly, BMSN served on the USS Plymouth Rock from 1957 to 1961. He passed away on 2/22/10 at 2000 hours. I was able to talk to a couple of his ship mates recently, and for that I am thankful.  Dad enjoyed his time in the US Navy and remembered his buddies on the Plymouth Rock. He was aboard during the recovery of the Mercury Capsule in 1961 and helped ferry President Eisenhower's vehicle and helicopter to Brazil.  He was also stationed off the coast of Cuba during the 1961 missile crisis.  He would often tell me stories of his experiences in the Navy and some of the most memorable places he went. He was excited to make the reunion a couple of years ago at Branson, Missouri. I really wish he could have gone to Charleston, SC this year. He would have loved it. I wanted to let you know so you could add his name to the memorial and to let his shipmates know. We will miss him greatly."


Mike Flanagan, QM2, Thomaston, ME  (on board 2/77-11/80) writes:  Ken Johnson, my Navigator, spent a lot of time helping me put my 06 Reserve package together.  His E-mail address:  [email protected]

 I received an e-mail from Andrea Larison Masch, daughter of Cdr. Donald Eddie Larison who informed me that her father had passed away in August 27, 1981.  "He was only 43 when he passed away. Actually, he was supposed to be commissioned as a Captain after the cruise on the Plymouth Rock, but was told if he took the cruise he would come back in a casket because of a brain tumor that was found just prior to the cruise leaving. As it turned out, the cruise left in June/July 1981 and he passed away in Aug 1981."

Arvell Cuffey, YN3 (on board 10/56-5/60) writes:  I can clarify this problem about the Sonar Boom. I was on the Prock 1959-1960 when the boom was installed, as shown on the bow in the photo taken in 1963. We were off the coast of Bermuda evaluating the sonar system and entered the eye of a hurricane. Man that was a rough ride. After the Hurricane and the Prock went it separate ways, we attempted to pulled the boom out of the water and much to all eyes waiting, there wasn't a sign of the boom. To make a long story short, we lost the boom and had no evidence as to how we lost it. I was the Captain's Yeoman at that time and I can say without any doubt that the first attempt ended before 1963. The 1963 photo was taken during the 2nd installation/evaluation of the sonar boom. Very odd looking contraction. The article on Like War is pretty good. I remember the locals asking "Where are the movie cameras"-thinking we were making a movie not knowing that the port of Beirut was the center of attention for take over by NATO or Syria and the UAR. Very good picture of Rocky.

George Correa, QM2 (on board 9/80-Decom.)  writes:  Looking for shipmates from my time onboard, softball team members, Unitas and Decomm.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Reba Stanley writes:  I have found out that a close friend was in the Navy back in the early 60”s.. He would be thrill to learn of anything or anybody that was on the Plymouth Rock in or around 1962. He went to the Mediterranean and talks about the beautiful water. What fond memories he has and I can listen to them for hours. I tried to pull up as much info on-line that I could. I am sure he would enjoy the News published every so often and the reunion coming up next year in Charleston. Please help me get started. He has no email yet but his name and address are :
Gordon L. Throckmorton (Lefty)
                                    107 North 13th Ave
                                    Mayodan ,NC 27027-2121

He got an award for the Most-Push-UPS among 500 men on the Ship then and still can do about 100 now @71yrs young. Very active.  Just let me know what I can do to help, since I will be the contact.  Reba Stanley e-mail:  [email protected]

Calvin Carmichael, SH3, Kearneysville, WV  25430, (on board:  12/71-12/75 writes:  "Loved the time on board the rock, especially all the fun of running the ships laundry and gee dunk store as i called it. Have moved around a lot since getting out of the service and at times wish i had stayed in. The ship yard was my worse part of the memories, hated living on that floating barge they brought up for us."  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Dave Wardle, QM1, Cross Plains, WI   53528, (on board:  10/58-7/64) writes:  "It looks like all my shipmates have either not joined or passed.  Would like to hear from anyone that I served with.Jim McDermott,Rick Nolan, etc"  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Herb Furman, OS3, Wellsburg, NY  14894, (on board:  6/73-6/75) writes:  "What a great time...didn't seem it at the time...but many fond memories. 2 carib cruises and a Med cruise...who can forget all those vertreps...remember the BOYS from Combat..and there fearless leader Prattboy...great site...keep up the good work."  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Paul Walter (Walt), EN2, Bremen, IN, (on board:  77-80) writes:  "Has anyone ever heard from T. J. Lane or Marc Courchesne"?  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Leo Hernandez, HM3, Phoenix, AZ, (on board 1967-69) writes:  "I was contacted by e-mail by John Morris, HM2 but his e-mail does not seem to be working.John if you are out there please e-mail me again.   Also, I was communicating with Joe Adamo but he has disappearded again. Anyone know where he is?"  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Rodger Estes , E3 of Port St. Joe, FL writes:  "Had a great time while serving on the Rock.  30 years can really fky by.  In anyone remembers me, give me a call.  Jim Mueller, Steve boy, Ed Estonel.  I drove a black 1940 Plymouth coupe, if that jogs the memory".  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Had a great time while serving on the Rock. 30 years can really fly by. If anyone remembers me give me a call. Jim Mueller, Steve boy, Ed Estonel. I drove a black 1940 Plymouth Coupe if that jogs the memory.

Kenneth King, SM2 of Gaithersburg, MD writes "My first ship, first adventure outside the USA,great memories of a lot of great guys. I do remember Lt. Tunstall always sunbathing near the signal area. Would like to make contact with Frank Mays, "Mac" McConoheauy, Wilbourne, Chief Hanks and others who were there during that time. I transferred to the USS Inchon (LPH 12), went to Vietnam and lost touch with everyone."  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Dale Richardson, RD3 of Star City, IN writes "Where is Garry Massey of MO"?
  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Lee Pridemore, MM2 of Waco, TX writes "I remember the shipyards in Baltimore also.P-ROCK was a good start to my Navy career and I will always have good memories of her.  Always did like those old stick-shift steam plants!"  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Jack Huett, BT3 of Sutherland, VA writes "Was an interesting time serving aboard the P Rock. The Navy was good to me, have spent my life crawling thru boilers... I worked in the Oil Shack and #1 Boiler we were good at making smoke.....always a fun time refueling, testing the water and how can one forget the Baltimore shipyards. I have kept in contact with a few shipmates over the years. Calls and Emails are welcome...."  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Martin F. Dupslaff EM2 of Pittsburg, KS writes that he wonders where are Neary, McIver, Thomas, Suarez, Glavin, Squeek, Pooch, Persinger, Mr. Botteron, Mr. Rose, Doc, Chief Fosbilnder, Chief Whitlock, Chief Swingros, Tom Silva, Cannon, Nichol, BT2 Alexander and Budney?   His e-mail address is [email protected]

Dave Austin, MS1 of Augusta. ME  writes that he would l ike to hear from friends form 1980-83. 
 His e-mail address is [email protected]

Ray Marier Em3 of Little Canada, MN writes that he would like to locate other E Division crew from 74 to 77. John Banks and I have stayed in contact since we got out. We would like to find Ray Johnson EM6, Robert Bean BT5 and anyone else who remembers John and I (also referred too as the Bobsey Twins). We had a lot of fun and great memories from those days. We would like to get a group together for the 2008 reunion in St. Louis, contact me
.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  02/08

David Lally, HM1 of Keobuk, IA writes that he would like to hear from anyone that knew him.  Says, that the PROCK  was a good part of his Naval Service.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  05/07

Donald Parrish. MM3 of Nashville, TN writes that if anyone who was in M or B division, April 63-November 65, to please contact him.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  11/06

John Stan BT3 of Rockford, TN writes that he is trying to find snips with pics from that era down in the boiler room, also MM's with pics.  Finding old friends is hard, but doable!!  His e-mail address is [email protected]  07/06

Wayne Durham RD2 of Mobile, AL writes that he would like to hear from other "ops" people from the 70-72 period.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  07/07

Mark Orlando, OS3 of Mount Pleasant, MI  writes that he was looking into doing an off-read adventure through South America and revisiting some of the locations the ship visited during the 1981 Unitas cruise.  He is looking forward to exploring the area with his wife a quarter of a century later.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  06/06

Tony Epley, BT3 of Central City, KY writes that he would like to hear from anyone who served in B Division during 74-77.  is e-mail address is [email protected]  6/06

Tom Hickson, BT3 of Rock Island, IL  writes that he is in need of the first patch of the PRock that has the brown eagle on it.  He has an extra of the one with the gold eagle and crossed muskets and would gladly trade of purchase the patch.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  6/06

Received several e-mails from Jim L. Walters Jr., requesting information about his now deceased father,  LTJg James "Jim" L. Waters.  His father was an officer in CIC, and was on the Plymouth Rock approx. 1963 - Nov. 1966 .   According to Jim his father "was on the mission to recover the atomic bomb, with a sub the Rock was carrying, in Spain."  One of his best pals on the ship was Tom McPherson.  If anyone out there knows anything about his father, Jim would like to hear from you.  His e-mail address is [email protected]     3/06

Richard Buchanan, YNC, of Brownsburg, IN   46112 writes that he would like to know the name of the XO from 1977-78.  Also, wants to know what happened to LCDR Neil Kozlowski who was the XO from 1974-76.  Hiss e-mail address is [email protected]

David Wardle, QM1, of Alton, IL  writes that he would like to hear from Jim McDermott, QM3 and any of the shipmates who were aboard when he was, from 1958-1964.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Charlie Williams , ICC(SW) who served from 6/79 until decom.  Charlie reports that he was the last crewmember to leave her (via jacob's ladder) when we floated her over to Portsmouth. VA at Inact Ships late in l983.  Charlie  retired on July 2000.  His email address is [email protected]

Jeremy Lewis, BM3, of Buffalo, NY  writes that he would like to hear from any plank owners on the decomm crew or anyone who made UNITAS 22.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Bill Clough, FN of Wendell, MA writes that he would like to hear from anyone who remembers him.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Francis Miskelly, BMSN of Stanley, NC writes that he has been trying to get in touch with Ed. Hickey for several months with no luck.  Last account of him, what that he lived in Michigan, sure would like to hear from him.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Iam Adam, SM3 of Barneveld, NY writes that he is still looking for Albert F. Stevens and Lloyd P. Hostetler.  They were with him on his tour of duty on the Signal Bridge.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

John Berry, RM3 of Blaine, MN writes that he has attended the last 2 reunions and is looking forward to 2006, would like to see more of the old gang him anytime at 612-490-7685.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Gary Johnson, ETC(SW) of Poplar Bluff, MO writes that he would like to make contact with Danny Hostler, Robert Black, Simms.  Jesse, I know your in there!!!.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Dave Brusky, EM2 of Oshkosh, WI writes that he is looking for Ted Simpson, who served with him on the Rock.  Anyone that can help him, please e-mail him.  His e-mail address is: [email protected]

Roger Pratt, PC3 of Harrodsburg, KY writes that if anyone remembers him to drop him an e-mail.  He was the ships Postal Clerk for a time and in the deck force for a while.  Remembers going to Panama, Spain and the Caribbean many times.   Still remembers the lousy food and having to wait in long lines for everything.   His e-mail address is:  [email protected]

Mike Wray, HM3 of Lewistown, PA whites that he is looking for any of the "DOCS" that may have been on the rock at the time he was (10/74-4/75).   Kenny McQuaide, Dave Lally, Chief Wright, Jonathan Patrick Hardy.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Hollis (Snake) Stedman, of Altamont, NY writes that he is looking for QM Chiff Clausen, BT Marvin Canagaiter (IOWA), OS Rick Merritt, SMC Gene Suggs, OS2 Harvey MacEachern, ET2 Paul Wilson,l ET2 Mike Nichel, ET2 Jim Sweet, BT2 Keith Isham (Vermont).   His e-mail address is [email protected]

Donald F. Parrish, MM3 of Nashville, TN writes that he is trying to locate or find Roger Hartman from Flint, MI; Arathur (Artie) Sutherland, Asbury Park or Paterson, NJ; James McGowan, deceased family member, Asbury Park or Paterson, NJ.   Please feel free to contact him.  His e-mail address is:  [email protected].

Bob Navigato, RM3 of Chicago, IL writes that he does not see a lot of names her remembers in the Muster List.  Remembers Bill Fudge, "he saved my ass one night when I got drunk and picked a fight with some marines".  Bob would sure like to hear from Chester J. Intkowski, AKA "Ski".  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Joe Adamo, BM3 of Wynantskill, NY writes that he has lots of fond memories, Demo, Demarius, wasn't it.  Face, if I remember right you were quite the Boatswains Mate.  Blass, you finally did get your stripes jun?  Not sure if you guys remember me, if you do drop me a line.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Van Tunstall, LT., of Aptos, CA writes that he just wanted to give a big thanks to the Radio Shack for not losing any crypto cards while he was RPS Custodian.   Also, to the Signal Shack guys for not blowing his cover while he was really suntanning up there.  (Best place on the ship to get a tan).  Also, to Captain Kiehl for being a real gentlemen-Almost made the Navy a career because of him.  His e-mail addess is [email protected]  12/03

I am looking for anyone that may have served with William J. Alnutt whom was assigned to the USS Plymouth Rock sometime between June 1973 and June 1976. 
More specifically anyone who could provide information regarding asbestos on this ship.  
William died October 8, 2003 and lived in Oswego, NY.  To provide a 'well grounded claim' I need to provide verification that there was asbestos on the ship at least during the time that William was on board. 
Thank you for your assistance.  Sincerely, Pamela Tanner NYS Veterans Counselor.   Her e-mail address is [email protected]   10/03

John N. Stan, BT3 off Louisville, KY writes that he is trying to get a copy of the ships personnel log for B division.  Would also like to to get a copy of the Med and North Atlantic Cruise books for the period 1970-73.  Any info, e-mail him.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   6/03

John Jacobs, BTFN of Howell, MI writes that he  would like to know if Frank Formaro (the banker) ever bought that tavern in Des Moines, Iowa.  Any info, e-mail him.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   5/03

Ray (Louie) Lamagna, BMSN of Export, PA writes that he would like to find Brad Stuck, Randy Lientz, Vinnie Curcoro, Tichenor, Ed Campbsell, Signoretti.  If anyone has information on any of these guys, e-mail Ray.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  5/03

Bill Sims, DC3 of Cincinnati, OH writes that he would like to hear from Larry Alcorn, DCFR, would was onboard in the late fifty's and was from Albion, IL.   If anyone has any information on him, please e-mail Bill.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  5/03

John Chappell, RM3 of Blountville, TN writes that he would like to hear from Richard (Kingfish) McCoy, who was on the PRock during 1957-1960.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  5/03

James D. Larsen, SN, of Gainesboro, TN writes that he would like to find Edward Patrick Zdrojewski  (1959-1961).  If anyone has any information, please e-mail him.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   5/03

Walt Lincoln of Ledyard, CT writes that he does keep in touch with Mark Simonitsch and has recently seen John Shand and Don Donaghy.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  3/03

Andrew B. Houston of Bath, NY writes that he would like to get in touch with shipmates while he was aboard the PRock in 1959.  Would especially like to hear from LCDR Carrington.  His e-mail address is [email protected] 3/03

John Muse of Johnson City, TN writes that is would like to locate two shipmates who were brothers and who were both pipefitters.  Their names were H. B. and Charlie Owens.  Would also like to know if Captain Lauderette is still around.   Any information on the above, e-mail John.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  3/03

Rachel Deese of Calahan, FL writes that she is looking for information about her late father Edward Lee Deese (Pops).  He was definitely on the ship during the 1977-78 period.  A picture of him is provided as a link, he is the sailor on the bottom right of the picture.  If anyone can provide information about Edward Deese, Rachels e-mail address is [email protected]  2/03

Tom Riethmaier, RM3, Plant City, FL writes that he is looking for old shipmates Keith Schiller (NYC) and Sidney Wright (Miss)  His e-mail address is [email protected]  2/03

John Stan, BT3, Maryville, TN writes that he is trying to get a hold of past cruise books.  He is also looking for the ships log of all the cruises that the ship made from March 70 - October 73.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  2/03

Nelson Rimel, MM3, Shenandoah, VA writes that he would like to contact former shipmates from E division, who were on board from Oct. 61-July 65.  Especially looking for Jerry Kaufman of Redondo Beach, CA and Paul Smith from IL.  His e-mail address is [email protected],net  2/03

Martin Dupslaff, EM2, Pittsburg, KS writes how he had a great laugh over Lee Pridemore's "up to speed and on the governor" picture.  Say's that this really brings back memories good and bad.  He can still smell the engine room.   Recognized several names from the muster list and wonders where all his shipmates are.  His e-mail address is [email protected]    1/03

Paul Wilson, SN, Sweetwater, TN  would like to hear for anyone in A division from 1973-75 or shipmates that remember him as H.B. His e-mail address is [email protected]  11/02

Leo G. Hernandez, HM3, Phoenix, AZ would like to hear from anyone who was on the Rock when he was there (1967-69).  Also wants to know if anyone know's Michael Fryer from NYC, who was a striker in sickbay?  His e-mail address is [email protected]  11/02

Robert D. Neeley, SH3, Springfield, OH would sure like to hear from some of the guys who were in supply (1980-82).  His e-mail address is [email protected] 11/02

James H. Bauer, EM2/SW, Caro, MI is looking for people that were Plank owners for the decommissioning and served aboard from 1979-1983.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  11/02

Charles Watson, BT3, Virginia Beach, Va is inquiring if anyone has heard from L. C. Windsor?  His e-mail address is [email protected] 9/02

Ian Adam, SM3, Barneveld, NY.  Writes that he is looking for information on Albert Stevens and Lloyd Hostetier.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  9/02

Richard C. Switzer, EM1, Retired, Maumee, OH.  Is looking for R. G. Conine, EM3.  Says he knows he is back in Ohio someplace.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  9/02

Eric Feinberg, PN3, Pittsburgh, PA writes that we would like to locate long lost shipmates, MS3 Ed Gallagher, SH3 Jim Hamilton, QM2 Cl;iff Clausen.  All served in the laate 70's to earn 80's.  Anyone know anything about these guys?   His e-mail address is [email protected]   9/02

Thomas Hickson, BT3 writes "I seem to recall that we had a small display case in the main upper passageway onboard and that the case contained some mementos of the ship including an actual piece of the "Plymouth Rock" from Plymouth, Mass. Does anyone know whatever happened to those items?"  Does anyone out there know the answer.   His e-mail address is [email protected] 9/02

Scott Mayne, SA, of Jamaica Plain, MA writes that he remembers some shipmates, Captain Betts, BM1 Doyon, BMSN Duckett and others.  Good times at Colon, Panama and Barenquilla, Columbia during Caribbean cruise 73-74.  Would like to hear from shipmates who served during this time.  His e-mail address is [email protected] 7/02

Ed Stackpole BT3 of Pine Bush, NY writes that "Some members have expressed their sympathy at the death of my brother Capt. Timothy Stackpole, NYFD on 9/11.  Thank You!  John O'Boyle, A-gang in the late 70's was there and was trapped, was rescued as is tell.  His e-mail address is [email protected] 6/02

Ron Fields, HT3, Plant City, FL wanted to say "After 20 years in the Navy, the 1981 Unitas cruise was one of the best.  All those cold mornings, half asleep operating ballast control valves in shaft alley was worth it.  You R division guys and anyone else who remembers me give a yell."  His e-mail address is [email protected] 6/02

Bill Curtin Sr., MM3, Troy, NY would like to know is there any way that he can get a list of our ports of call from 1958-1962.  His grandchildren and himself would love to have it as a reference.  His e-mail address is [email protected] 6/02  

Louis A Wojcik, MMFN from Landing, NJ who served from 3/71-10/71 makes the following comment:   "I remember blowing our main steam header off the cost somewhere and sitting dead in the water after racing another ship in our class.  We worked straight through for almost 2 days to detach it so a helicopter could pick u,p the unit to be repaired on land.  I remember the mess deck chief tried to deny us a coffee after removing the damaged unit.  For several days, we fished, swam in the tank deck, held gun shoots off the stern wing walls, relaxed"  His e-mail address is [email protected]  6/02

JC Fisher, BT3, from Chambursburg, PA, who served from 12/62-8/65 would like to hear from any shipmates from that period of time.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  4/02

Tony Epley BT3, from Central City, KY, who served from 74-77 writes that anyone who served in B Division during this period of time, please contact him via e-mail.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  4/02

Russell Davis HT3, from Selden, L.I., NY, who served from 4/73-4/75 would like to hear from anyone who can remember him.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   4/02

James Kuhns my Dad was one of the men that put the Plymouth Rock in commission in 1954.  He never had a chance to get the Plaque of putting it in commission.  Do you know who to contact in order to get this now?  Also, any information on other crew members from 1954 to 1955?   My father got off the ship as a third class boiler tender.  My email address is either: [email protected] or  [email protected]         Any information that you have will be appreciated.  I tried to register my Dad and wasn't on a server that worked with yours.  Here is his information again.    James (Jimmy) Kuhns at 8916 Breining Run Circle, Breiningsville PA 18031   1954 - 1955 third class boiler tender - Any crew members out there?  Write to above email addresses.  Thanks.  4/02

Donald F. Parrish, MM3, from Nashville, TN, who served from 6/63-11/66 would like to find about M division during 53-66 period.  Looking for old shipmates.  Hopes to hear from Arthur Sutherland or Roger Hartman in E Division or James McGowan in M division.   Please call me.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   3/02

Bob Yates, MRC(SW) from Ramona, CA, who served from 12/79-4/83 is looking for Tim "Cody" Helmick.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   1/02

Bill Scott, EM2, now EMCN(SS) Retired from, Fairhope, AL, who served from 8/60 - 9/62 is asking if anyone out there knows where Lee Benjamin is.  His e-mail address is  1/02

Ron Bonacci, MM2 from Bena, VA, who served from 1978 to Decommissioning in 1983 writes that this was his first ship and had a great crew and he has great memories.  Wants to know if anyone has heard from Phil Gossell, Malolo or "Sammy" Samuels.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  1/02

Sidney Wright, RM3 from Tampa, FL, who  served from 12/80 to Decommissioning in 1983 writes that his is looking for other shipmates.  He is now retired and is in contact with Benny Turner, LeRoy Cromartie, Tony Henry, Kenny Rick, Charles Howard and others.  His e-mail address is:  [email protected]  12/01

Joe Sciarabba, BM3 from Walworth, NY, who served from 1966-68 writes that he would like to hear from any former shipmates.  His e-mail address is:  [email protected]  12/01

Andrew Dussault, DC2 from St. Johnsbury, VT who served from 5/60-1/63 would like to hear from anyone he served with during those years.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  12/01

Colleen McCormack is trying to establish contact with a shipmate of her fathers named George Stacy.   Her father is Donald Fuqua Parrish, and  he was a MM3 and was on the ship from 62-66.  If anyone can help her, it would be appreciated.  Her e-mail address is [email protected]  11/01

Janet Black Smith sister of Roderick (Rod) Black, deceased in 1986 is seeking information about her brother who served on the Rock in an about 1957-60.  If anyone has any information, about Rod, please contact her.  Her e-mail address is [email protected]  10/01

Walt Willenberg, OS2 from Georgetown, TX who served from 74-77 would like to hear from old shipmates.   His e-mail address is [email protected]   10/01

James Reagon, GMGC-NCC from Denton, NC who served from 1961-64 is seeking information on former shipmates Darrel Bedient, Robert Cramer, Francis Kutchbach, Charles Thurman and James McGree.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   8/01

Richard Doyle, DC3 from Pittsfield, NH  who served in R division from 11/55-12/56 would like to hear from anyone who was on the ship during that time.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   Note: Dick lives just down the street from me (Bill the Webmaster) and we just connected that he was on the PRock. Small world. 8/01

Jon Miller has a question:  Wants to know if anyone can provide the dates of wear of the ship's insignia in the right upper forner of the home page, "the gator with the blunderbuss".  Can anyone help him?  His e-mail address is [email protected] 8/01

Eddie Palmer, SM3 of Alexandria, LA who served from 74-78 would like to hear from anyone from OC div, signals, radio, quartermaster, radar.  His e-mail address is [email protected] 8/01

Hollis Sstedman, OS2 from 6232 Gaardner Rd, Altamont, NY who served from 4/77-9/79 is looking for OS3 Joe Aidala from NJ and OS2 Harvey MacEachern from Alpena, MI and ETN2 Mike Nichel.   Anyone know of their whereabouts contact Hollis.  His e-mail address is [email protected] 8/01

George Krencik, BM3 from 16073 27th Street CT e, Sumner, WA who served from 1971-75 would like to hear from old friends.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   7/01

Ed Comstock, MM2/EMO2 Supervisor from 302 Cayuga St., Sayre, PA who served from 1979-83.  Wants to know/hear from the 1982 Chapionship Softball Team.  Bear, Gomez, Scrinzi.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   6/01

William (Gregg) Newman, EM3 from 3047 River Road West, Goochland, Va, who served from 1979-82.  Would like to hear from all members of the First Landing Band.  I am neighbors with BM3 McDowel.  Yo Fatman!!!. Where the hell is O"Boyle and Chuck Thomas???

Bill Squelch, BMSN from 5539 Carmelia St., Pittsfurgh, PA who served from 1976-79.  Would like to find Phillips, Partington, Chichetti and JJ Jones.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  5/01

David Hartman, BMSN from Schenectady, NY who served from 5/63 - 5/65, 63 Med Cruise and 64 Cuba would like to hear from anyone out there who remembers him.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  5/01

John MacPherson, Jr., MS from 24 Amherst Rd., Massena, NY , who served from 8/79-4/83.   Reports he served with EM3 Greg Newham and BM2 Lee McDowell from the "First Landing Band" two of the finest shipmates I remember.  Hopes to attend the reunion in 2002 and would love to hear from MSCS Lacson, MS3 Dave Austin, MS1 Crowell and any other cooks.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   5/01

Mark Winiarz, HT from 48 Balcomb Street, Salem, MA   01978 who served from 1980-81 would like to hear from former shipmates from R Div form 1980  His e-mail address is [email protected]  5/01

James Schneider, HT3 from 26860 West Desert Crest, Casa Grande, AZ   who served from 1974-77 would like to hear from anyone who served during that time, especially like to hear from the guys from R-Division who were there in 74-77  His e-mail address is [email protected]  3/01

George Vallentine, OS3 from 1446 So. Mountain Road, Dillsburg, PA  who served during the 1972 med cruise would like to hear from former crew members.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  3/01

Tim Sigrist, FN,   from 740 First Street  NW, Oronoco, MN who served from 1971-1973 would like to hear from anyone who served in this time frame.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  1/01/

James Jines, PNSN, from 109 Roberts Street, Jackson, TN who served from June 64 to May 66 would like to correspond with anyone who was aboard the Peter Rabbitt.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  12/00

Joe Sciarabba, BM3 , from 1567 Sweetbrier Lane, Walworth, NY who served from 1966-68 would like to hear from other shipmates.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   11/00

Glenn Anthony, YN, from 8413 South Lenonarad Addition, Cambridge City, IN  who served from 1970-71.   Is interested in hearing from anyone of the Rock.  Served in the Captains Office.  Has quite a few pictures to share with his fellow shipmates.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   11/00

Tom Morehouse, MM3, from 28 Toleman Rd., Washingtonville, NY  who served from 1970-73 would like to hear from fellow "Rockers" who like to chat.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  11/00

Kark Diemert, BT3, B Division, from 13300 Ridge Road, N. Huntington, PA  who served from Feb 1966-Oct 1969.  Hopes that one of the snipes still remembers him.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  11/00

Dennis Price, deck force, from 1240 Grove Street, Elkhart, IN  46514.  Would enjoy hearing from some old shipmates.  His e-mail address is:  [email protected]  11/00

Stephen Taylor , second division, from 8316 #24 Tobin Rd., Annandale, VA   22003.  Served from 1962-1963.  Is glad to see some many of us are left.  His e-mail address is:  [email protected]  11/00

Bill Lydon, FTG1, from 15 Michelle Ct., Mercerville, NJ   08619  Served on board from 1969-72.  His e-mail address is:  [email protected]   11/00

Andy Wells, RM3, OC Div., from 2903 Old Creal Springs Rd., Marion, IL who served from 1971-73 would like to hear from some of his old shipmates from the Radio Shack and Signalmen.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  9/00

Joe Sciarabba, BM3  of Sweetbrier Lane, Walworth, NY, who served from 1966-68 would like to hear from shipmates that served at that time.  His e-maill address is [email protected]  7/00

Mark Bagtaz, HT2   of Goffstown, NH, who served from 2/79-6/81 is looking for shipmates from that time frame.  Worked in the Engine room at Throttle watch during trips to Bermuda and Jamaica.  His email address is [email protected]   7/00

Ted Pyle, 2239 Manor Drive, Ford City, PA, who served from 1955 to 1959 in "G" division.  Would like to hear from anyone who served aboard her in those years.  Ted says that he has a good memory.  His e-mail address is [email protected]      7/00

Richard Pierce, 8 Pond Lane, Ridge, NY who served from 1963-65 in the IC gang would like to hear from others who served at the same time.  His e-mail address is [email protected].   6/00

Michael Bolton, 8403 Posey Hill Rd., Holland Patent, NY   13354  who served from 1960-63.   Would like to e-mail with those he served with.  His e-mail address is [email protected].  6/00

Robert (Shany) Shanahan, 44 Woodwide Avenue, Buffalo, NY.  who served from 1967-70 would like to hear from former shipmates.  His e-mail address is [email protected] .  6/00

Richard Shewchuk, IC2 of Camillus, NY would like to hear from former shipmates from E division from 1958-60.   His e-mail address is [email protected]   4/00

Mike Schneider of Louisville, KY would like to hear from former shipmates from the A gang from 1976-79.   His e-mail address is [email protected]   4/00

John Suaraez, EM3 of Brooklyn, NY would like to hear from old buddies from E division from the 1976-81 period.   His e-mail address is [email protected]   4/00

Leo G. Hernandez of 4212 N 16th St., Phoenix, AZ  Served as a corpsman in 1967-69.  Would like to to hear from old shipmates.  Looking for physician who was with us on north Atlantic Cruise.   Carried a group of midshipmen cadets aboard during that cruise.   His e-mail address is [email protected]  4/00

Chip Marshall of Silver Spring MD writes "I am researching USNavy PT boats after World War 2.  One of the gentlemen communicate with was assigned to the Naval Administrative Unit at the Washington Navy Yard.  Their purpose in the Navy was to operate the Presidential yachts and related vessels.  In the late 1950s, the former PT809 was modified and assigned to escort the presidential yachts.  After JFK came into office (in 1961), the NAU was told by the White House to modify the "PT Boat" as she was generally known so she did not look "Navy" and be ready to deploy her for at least two or three months.  By this time, all of the PT boat weapons had been removed, so they painted her white with dark blue decks.  The skipper of the NAU came up with the name "Guardian."  What turned out happening was she was to be deployed to the Med to shadow the Onassis yacht while Jackie Kennedy was visiting her friend.  The Guardian was equipped with some very sophisticated comm gear operated by Army Security Agency guys. 

The Guardian was taken down to Norfolk on her own power and placed on the USS Plymouth Rock for a trip to the Med.  Just outside Naples, the well deck was flooded and the Guardian sent on her way.  All army and navy personnel were to wear civilian clothes.  When they docked (only at civilian ports) they were to play the part of a yacht crew with a rich "owner" around somewhere.  People from the State Department met her at the pier and made sure that things like money, food and fuel were well in hand.  Eventually the trip ended (it looks like in Greece somewhere), the Guardian rendezvoused with the "Rock", the well deck was flooded and the Guardian taken back aboard for the trip home.

I see in your website there is a picture of the cradle for "PT109" and several active members that were onboard at that period of time.  What I am looking for is confirmation of the story (I know what took place generally, the details tend to get scattered) and any pictures someone might have of the Guardian aboard or near the "Rock" or in the Med in general" .

 If you or someone is interested in what the Guardian looked like, check out for a picture of her on the Anacostia River in Washington, DC.  On the after deck, you will see two black hulled speed boats.   Those boats were probably not aboard when she made the trip to the Med.   His e-mail address is: BGMarshall  3/00

 Jeff Zsori who was aboard from 1977-1980 would like to hear from some of this old shipmates in "R" division.  His e-mail address is:  [email protected]  3/00

Ed Stackpole of Pine Bush, NY, who was aboard from 3/76-2/80 would like to hear from some of his old shipmates in "B" division.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   3/00

Joe Henning of Orange Grove, TX who was aboard from 1961-63 would like to hear from old shipmates from First Division, especially Mike Devico.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   3/00

Rocco Musella of Honesdale, PA is looking for old friends from  the Engine Room, 1962-66. His e-mail address is [email protected]  3/00

David Hosea, RM3 of Huntsville, TX would love to talk with his old shipmates from the 1974-78 period , expecially looking for the Radio Crew. His e-mail address is [email protected]   3/00

Bill Hamilton, EN2 of Sealy, TX is trying to make contact with any shipmates from the 1976-79 period.  Bill was in A division.   His email address is [email protected]   3/00

Thomas Gilpatrick, MM3 of Bar Harbor, ME would like to hear from crew members.  Tom was aboard the PRock from 1976-78.  His email address is [email protected]   3/00

Bruce Czametzki from Davenport, Iowa is trying to connect with old shipmates from E division in the period 1961-63.  Says would love to hear from old friends.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   2/00

Bob Creveling from Juneau, AL is trying to connect with shipmates from the Boilergang from 1968-70.    His e-mail address is [email protected]  2/00

Gerald Borden, BT3 from Troy, NY  is trying to connect with old shipmates from B division from the 1964-68  period.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   2/00

Rick Leeth, MM3 from Washington C.H., OH is hoping to hear from fellow shipmates that were on the PRock in 75-76.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  2/00

Gary Reinhardt, BMSN from Granbury. TX, 71-73 is looking for ship memorabilia, especially a model of the ship.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  2/00

Travis Guess, who was on board the PRock from 1969-72 in OC Division, is looking for any information on Wayne F. Durham, RD3.   Travis was his best man at his wedding.  His e-maill address is [email protected]  2/00

Tom Swinsick of Bristol, CT would like to hear from any old shipmates.  He was in E division from 1976-79.  His e-mail address is [email protected]  2/00

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